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Winter’s here with early nightfall, freezing temperatures, hazardous road conditions, and hot toddies.  It’s the time of year when we get those “car off the road” calls.  We get most of them late on a Friday or Saturday night, after the party’s over.  Snow melting during the day freezes on the road when the sun goes down, leaving a thin slick layer of invisible ice.  You come barreling around the curve just a little fast (yes, we know some of you enjoy zipping around those curves) and – whoops – before you even know it… your car has spun out into oncoming traffic, or skidded off the road into a creek, smashed into a nearby tree, or even another car.  That’s when we hear about it (Cole County Fire Protection District respond to unknown injury accident at…).  If you’re lucky you get off with a damaged vehicle and injured pride.  But if you’re not so lucky and it does happen, believe it!  - People get hurt or even killed.  We always respond, but those are the calls we sure hate to hear. 


Slow, Slow, Slow!  Think about it the next time your driving.  If you drive nine miles at 25 miles per hour (mph), your trip can take 21 minutes.  The same trip at 35 mph is just a little over 15 minutes.  Honestly:  Is that six minutes worth risking a serious accident?  And you already know about the hazardous of drinking and driving.   No matter how good a driver you are please take it easy on the roads this winter!  Slow down – and enjoy the drive.  Don’t end up off the road!


Happy New Year!



Donald Braun

Fire Chief Donald "Donnie" Braun 

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