Cole County Chiefs Association Basic Fire Program

Yearly the Chiefs Association hosts a Mo Division of Fire Safety Basic Firefighter program. This program from the state is a 36 hour program with no live fire introduction. The Chiefs Association Training Team have added lots of extra elements like: live fire burns with Vehicle and Structural Firefighting.  We teach the National Institute for Emergency Managements Incident Command courses needed by all front line Firefighters in the field for compliance. We also include Natural Cover Firefighting, Emergency Vehicle Driving, Basic Pump Operations as well as the HazMat awareness Online class through MuFRTI. The class normaly starts in September and runs throught the first weekend in Nov.

To be a part of the next Basic Firefighting Class Follow these simple steps:

1. Join or be a part of the Missouri Fire Service - Do not have to be a memeber of a Cole County oganization

2. Register for your Fema Student ID number under that tab - under FEMA Student ID tab

3. Call or send an email to Alan Braun to register for the Basic Fire Program for that year - under training calender tab

3. Complete your HazMat Awarenss course by the end of the Basic class dates listed - under training calendar tab

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